Redefine the YOUNG MAN


Today’s young men have yet to find their fashion direction, they have somehow developed the idea that baggy jeans and visible underwear is fashionable…Today’s dress codes for our children are indefinable…citing baggy jeans and sneakers by day and hard bottoms by night to get in most clubs. Our young men have yet to adapt the idealism of dressing how you want to be addressed. They need to develop the realization of approaching life with an appearance and mindset of success.

Kim Ingram, President and CEO of Kendell Maliki has taken a no hold approach to create a new day for today’s young man and help guild the mature man in the right direction to create “ The Male Wardrobe Redefined” thru Image Consultation and Fashion Development.


We must first get more young men comfortable in clothes that make a statement, by educating them on how to wear their clothes and not allow the clothes to wear or speak for them. Creating a fashionable Image that reflects who they are. The basic beginning every man should have in their wardrobe starts with great fitting khakis, 100% cotton button down shirts, well made black shoes and the classic blue blazer. This allows a man to get comfortable in clothes that say I’m successful, making the transition to comfort, confident and ultimately “The Next Level!!!!


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Be Well,
Kim Ingram
CEO/ President
Kendell Maliki
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