Building your first WARDROBE

The exciting part about fashion, is its always changing… the styles, color, fabric, pattern. Today’s designer’s are more creative and aggressive to get there fashion message out to the public eye.

   In order to become a fashion hit you must first be comfortable in your skin. Self confidence is extremely important to feeling and looking your best. Once that happens the fashion world is your oyster. You will look at designs and fashion differently. Fashion fads wont even phase you. You will look at them and say “fashion Fader”, no thank you!!

In this bad economy, fashion designers and stylist look at their work and their target clients and want to provide them with great fabric and craftsmanship to maximize best cost and quality. This helps them stay on top of their game providing what the public wants.

   Now those of us who don’t have that “label hoe” mentality already know this …low prices is not a compromise on quality and high price is not always the best quality. You must keep this in mind when shopping… Most importantly never buy “knockoff “, that is simply a compromise on quality and your money….lets examine how to spot a great buy and where to get them from without any compromise of quality or our pockets, in order to begin our fashion life.

Knowing where to buy a great men’s suit is not the problem, its believing every suit you buy on sale is a great suit simply because it’s a great price.

   There are a few key parts to buying a great suit:
   Most importantly is the fit – The suit must fit you like it was made for you, not someone else.
   The color- you must buy colors that complement your skin tone and who you are.
   Take risk and purchase colors that you wouldn’t normally wear. “This is your Statement Clothing.

 The style- designers are giving men more variety and options in suits. Pay attention to what style best fits your body type…for example, how many buttons should be on your blazer. A three button blazer fits best on a man with broader shoulders. A split back blazer lays better on a heavy man’s frame. The pants on your suit should lay comfortably. Try on different styles to determine whether your frame requires front pleats or plain front.

The finish- this is the key part in determining the quality not price of your suit. It must have an even stitch around the entire bottom, the lining should be made of good silk or satin fabric. If the fabric in the suit is a pattern, they must flow or line up. The pockets on your suit should be tacked close…..


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