Wardrobe Remodeling
Wardrobe Remodeling

Wardrobe Remodeling

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Purging your closet is the first step to managing your wardrobe and boosting your style quotient. If you haven't worn something in the past two years,  it's time to get rid of it!
We will make sure that all the clothes in your closet are garments that you truly love, wear on a regular basis, and are consistent with the image you wish to project.
Once we clear out the unwanted items,it's time to "shop" in your closet, creating new outfits with the clothing you already own! We will also make alterations, when appropriate. By the time we bid you adieu, your closet will be clean and organized, and you will be armed with a shopping plan that lets you know exactly what you need to build a fabulous wardrobe.

 Pricing is based on a hourly rate.. and 2 hour Min.. 




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